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Burger King Experience, also known as MyBKExperience (, is essentially a customer satisfaction survey that provides you the chance to voice your opinions and assist the business in further improving its services.


It simply takes a few seconds to complete the survey with your Burger King receipt, and in exchange, the business will give you a voucher code that may be used on your subsequent visit.



Through the consumer feedback platform known as the Survey, Burger King successfully attends to the needs of every customer.

The website was created by Burger King, one of the well-known fast food businesses that specialises in serving delectable burgers. The business has increased the number of its outlets to more than 11,000 across the globe.

Burger King’s menu expanded from a simple selection of hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, and milkshakes to include a wider range of goods.

You can complete the survey in a few minutes by answering a few simple questions and entering some basic details like the store number and the date and time of your visit.

You will undoubtedly enjoy filling out the survey and earning free reward points that you can use on your upcoming Burger King visit.

The best way to get to

Following the completion of the survey, you will be given a promo code. Any Burger King location will accept this voucher code.

In accordance with the code, you can also order a complimentary Whopper sandwich or an original chicken sandwich. Before you finish the survey procedure, let us know the necessity.

  • A current Burger King receipt from any location that you recently visited.
  • A smartphone or laptop with internet access to access the website.
  • A few free seconds.
  • Sincere remarks and suggestions for MyBKExperience

The survey’s findings, which may include an overall evaluation of the diners’ meal quality, the speed of service, the ease and cleanliness of the establishment, or any issues they may have, will assist Burger King improve the customer experience.

How do I participate in the MyBKExperience customer experience survey?

Visit the survey website

You must use your laptop or smartphone to access in order to access the Burger King Survey website. English is the website MyBKExperience’s default language. On the website, there are additional translations into French and Spanish.

Enter the restaurant number that can be found on your receipt now.

There are instructions for entering the restaurant number on the My BK Experience website. This number is just sent to the precise Every restaurant has a variety of stores. Simply type it in and press “Next.”

Offer your sincere opinions.

You must here give an honest review and comment about your most recent visit to the relevant store. This survey will determine your eligibility for a free coupon.

  • Survey questions from Burger King
  • The flavor of your meals.
  • Your general contentment.
  • How clean the store is
  • How frequently do you eat there.
  • How long will it take for your order to be delivered?
  • Your level of satisfaction with the restaurant as a whole.
  • About the cost of food.
  • The way the personnel acted.

Customers’ needs:

The organization gets customer feedback from each and every person that enters the store thanks to the survey website. To contact MyBKExperience, however, please use the information provided below.

Call us free at 1866-394-2493.

Burger King, 1737 McGee Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64108, USA; mailing address. is the official website.

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